System-on-Modules with DSP, Blackfin or ARM and FPGA

Our budget-friendly System-On-Modules, most of them in SO-DIMM format, integrate a fast processor (ARM, Blackfin or DSP), some with a powerful FPGA, for unrivaled functionality. For fastest time-to-market of your products and rapid prototyping, make our System-On-Modules the core of your embedded processing system. All boards come with extensive board support packages (BSP) to get you kick-started. If needed, the modules can be modified for use in customized systems, even at small quantities. If you have any special needs, just let us know. We will help you get your project going.

Choose your preference of an ARM, Blackfin or DSP processor:

ARM-based System-on-Modules

ARM-based system-on-modules from Critical Link come with a choice of Altera Cyclone V SoC, Sitara, or i.MX6 processors. These modules are very compact and powerful, yet reasonably priced. Homegrown modules utilize an STM32 Cortex-M4 with a Spartan-6 companion FPGA.
MitySOM-5CSX with Altera Cyclone V SoC

Blackfin-based System-on-Modules

Our Blackfin-based modules us the ADSP-BF537 in combination with an FPGA to enhance I/O capabilities. All modules have 10/100 Ethernet with an in-board PHY and a multitude of standard interfaces typically required in embedded applications.
There is also a low-cost module with a Blackfin BF592 with a stereo audio codec designed to simplify sound processing applications.
Blackfin with Spartan 3E Module

DSP-based System-on-Modules

DSP-based system-on-modules from Critical Link feature OMAP (Texas Instruments ARM9 plus C674x floating point DSP), TMS320C6455 Texas Instruments fixed point) and TMS320C6711 (Texas Instruments floating point) digital signal processors. An abundance of configuration options make these modules your choice for high performance enbedded computing. Our own modules are based on Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin, with or without a companion FPGA.
OMAP L138 with FPGA Module

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